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    Problem With Button.


      I've created an interactive picture book of 127 pages in AID CS5. I've exported it to SWF Flash and created a proj exe.I'm working with Microsoft Vista as the OS of my computer.I'm using the page turn function in AID CS5.


      Obviously to save people pressing a button 127 times to get to the end of a book, I've placed some buttons in the document that jump 10 pages ahead. However, while some of these buttons work properly, other buttons, even though I place the 'turn to page >>>>' command in the button panel, do not and the button panel overrides my instructions and tells the button to return to page 1 of the book.


      It's driving me mad and I'm sorry if this question has been asked on this forum before - I did search before I created this thread - but does anyone know what my problem is and what, if any, are the solutions.


      Thanks in advance.