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    Rendering 3D Text

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      Just a quick question - what does Photoshop CS6 Extended use to render 3D objects?  When I create very simple 3D text and render, it's taking about 2 hours or more.  In the past (5 or so years ago) I did a lot of computer animation with Maya, Max etc. and with my less capable system back then, each frame rendered much quicker than it seems to with Photoshop.  I understand that for animation I was only rendering 1920 x 1080 images rather than my current A4 300dpi ones, but should it really make that much difference? It seems to perform many many render passes before it's done.  My graphics card is definitely the weakest part of my system...I built this computer not too long ago for use with CS3 and now it's all about graphics card performance...typical!


      Here are my specs:


      Windows 7 64 bit

      Intel i5 2500k @ 3.3ghz

      16gb DDR3 ram

      Nvidia GT220 (512mb DDR3)


      Would a 1gb DDR5 card speed up rendering that dramatically? I was always under the impression it was CPU that determined render speed?




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          Photoshop uses our own Adobe Ray Tracer engine.


          Rendering time is based on all kinds of input > Lights, materials, transparency, refraction, PS document size, it all adds up to longer render times. If you are not printing your document there is no reason to be at 300dpi. 3D Max, Maya et al do not render documnet's of this size (eg 300ppi) so yes that makes a HUGE difference.


          Try to do a comparable test  1920 x 1080 and use 72dpi docs in Ps. I have seen Mental Ray deliver similar timed results. For good or bad, I think good, we make a lot of assumptions for you with our Adobe Ray Tracer so you dont have to turn all those knobs, like in Mental Ray.


          The Ray Trace does not use your Graphics Card, yes, it's all about CPU cores for this Ray Tracer.


          I hope that helps,

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