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    FMS Returns 3304 error on NetStream - OSMF Expects 3330, DRM Authentication is not triggered, Any id

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      We've been having problems with our DRM implementation for FMS / OSMF2 / FAX.


      Having investigated the problem, we've worked out that the root cause is that the NetStream obect within the LightweightVideoElement class triggers a DRMErrorEvent with the errorID 3304 which is not handled in the onDRMErrorEvent function of the same class.


      Looking at the code, OSMF2 has been developed to handle only the error 3330 and therefore the end result is that our DRM authentication process (normally triggered by event listeners added to the DRMTrait) is not fired.


      Changing the value of DRMServices.DRM_NEEDS_AUTHENTICATION and LightWeightVideoElement.DRM_NEEDS_AUTHENTICATION to the values 3304 as apposed to the programmed 3330 value resolves all our problems and by adding an event listener to the DRMTriat for the changes in value (DRMEvent.DRM_STATE_CHANGE) and then switching on the event.drmState value, we can now send our authentication details when the drmState  = DRMState.AUTHENTICATION_NEEDED.


      Here is a stack trace up to the point where we send our DRM authentication based on the changes above.


      Main Thread (Suspended)


      flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction [no source]

      flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent [no source]


      flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction [no source]

      flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent [no source]



      flash.net.drm::DRMManager/issueDRMErrorEvent [no source]

      flash.net.drm::DRMManager/onDownloadVoucherError [no source]

      DRMManagerSession/issueDRMErrorEvent [no source]

      DRMVoucherDownloadContext/onSessionError [no source]

      DRMManagerSession/onCheckStatus [no source]

      flash.utils::Timer/_timerDispatch [no source]

      flash.utils::Timer/tick [no source]


      Does anyone know why we might be getting the 3304 error on the netstream and not the expected 3330?