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      • 1. Re: Chrome: CQ sidekick cannot move when docked to top
        Ryan Lunka Level 3

        I have definitely seen quirkiness with some of the authoring capabilities (like the Sidekick) in Chrome.  As of 5.4, I believe Chrome is NOT an officially supported browser for authoring, though I've found that 90% of the time it works fine.  In CQ5.5, I think Adobe has updated the browser support some, but I don't know the specifics off-hand.  To be honest, the most reliable browser for the authoring environment is Firefox, in my experience.  I generally use Chrome, so I will use that until I run into a quirk, at which time I will switch to FF for that one operation.  I've found IE to be extremely inconsistent.


        The authoring interface is all kinds of JavaScript, so I'm not surprised there are browser inconsitencies.  It's an unfortunate thing you just have to work around a bit.