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    Thumbnails not loading

    Paul Joy (UK) Level 1

      Ok so I'm running CS6 and working on a project that has around 100 Canon XF clips (from a C300) in the project. I want to be able to scroll through my clips in the project window so that I can quickly grab certain shots without having to load them all into the source monitor.


      When the project opens the thumbnails for the 12 or so clips currently being shown in the project window are automatically displayed fine, but when I scroll down the list the remaining thumnails only get created as those clips become visible in the project window, very frustrating! I have to scroll down a few clips at a time in order to try and get thumnails to display for all of the clips. To make matters worse, after about 50 of the clips have loaded thumnails the process just stops, I'm left with a whole bunch of grey squares in the project window leaving me to guess what the content may be thats hiding behind them.


      I'm on a 12 core Mac Pro with 48 Gigs of Ram, and a CUDA enabled Nvidia Quadro GPU.  The clips are all located on an internal SSD drive with caches stored on a second SSD drive. The machine is at idle during this whole process with barely any load visible so why are these thumnails proving to be such a problem for my machine to display?