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    Strange application behaviour after try to sort datagrid column

    Roman Ragimov

      Hi all


      I have a simple Air desktop application with customized DataGrid (Spark version). Problem that users found is when they trying to sort grid by one of the columns applicaiton closes without any messages. I've repeated this bug on my PC but there is a problem - in debug mode (i mean with ADL) it works OK without any tries to crash on sort. So my questions in priority order:


      1. Is that possible to obtain live Air application errors log? I mean after installation. Maybe with 3rd party applicaiton. I'm using MonsterDebugger and added few log messages but looks like application just crashes without firing closing or close event.


      2. Which part of DataGrid could crash applicaiton in release mode? Just thought debug mode is more strict.


      My dev system:


      Flash Builder 4.6

      Adobe Air 3.2

      Win 7 Ultimate 64bit


      Best regards, Roman


      P.S. Sorry for my bad english