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    How to modify bookmarks in batch?

    Michael314 Level 1



      I have PDF manuals created from Framemaker 7.2 and distilled to PDF with Acrobat 6 Standard.


      I need to edit the bookmarks for the chapter headings because the design consists of a centered chapter number and a centered chapter title formatted in Framemaker as follows:


      Chapter 3

      System Components





      Acrobat takes those headings and creates bookmarks as follows:



      +Chapter 3

      +System Components



      I had to delete the "Chapter n" bookmarks (but I just removed that format from the Acrobat PDF setup dialog so it's no longer a problem) and then insert the chapter number into each bookmark for chapter title.


      Finally, I have to select each bookmark, scroll up one line to make the chapter number visible and then right click on Set Destination to save that as the new starting position.


      Is there any way to do this in batch like from a JavaScript routine?




      Michael F