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    Catalog TOC Help

    C Ketcham

      Hey Everybody,

      I'm working on a catalog for the shelving company I work for. It needs to be in this formatScreen shot 2012-06-01 at 12.29.31 PM.png

      In order to build it now I have ID build a TOC based on paragraph styles for the part name and the part numbers then go back and change the tabs and character styles to format it like the pic above which is a ton of time and copy and pasting. Then copy it to Excel in order to alphabetize it and copy it back. This is a huge hassle and a huge waste of time, there must be a better way. Perhaps an index might be the answer I don't know. If anyone knows of a quicker way to do this please respond.


      Thanks in advance

      Chad A. Ketcham

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          First off, if you show more options in the TOC dialog you'll probably find the option to sort alphabetically that's built in.


          As far as inserting a tab between the product name and number, that should be pretty easy, too, using Find/Change and GREP.


          Since you haven't shown us what the product names really look like, I can only guess at a qurey, but may this will work:


          Find (?<=\l)( +)(\d) which looks for white space following a lowercase letter and then a digit


          and Change to \t$2 which will replace the whitespace with a tab.


          The tab between the part number and the page number is handled directly in the TOC dialog, and tab positions and leaders, if you want them, should be set inthe paragraph style applied to the listings.