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    Setting up Robohelp


      My organization has purchased 2 licenses for Robohelp 9, but I think Robohelp Server may be what we need instead. Advice on what product is needed / setting this up would be much appreciated.


      These are the things we need:

      Store project on our intranet server

      Capability for multiple authors (2 now, but maybe more in the future)

      Reporting capabilities


      If we need Robohelp Server, is it possible to upgrade, or would we purchase this separately?


      Thanks for your help!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          RoboHelp Server is indeed a separate purchase. It will also be a separate install on your web server.


          Once installed and you publish projects to it, you then have additional reporting options. But if all you want to do is place content on a web or intranet server for folks to consume, it may be overkill. Exactly what type of reporting do you need? Reporting on use of the end product? Or reporting on progress of the work involved to create the end product?


          You said:

          Store project on our intranet server


          I'm guessing that means the *OUTPUT* from projects. The output is something entirely different from the project. Think of the project as being like ingredients in your kitchen. Think of the output as being like a tasty batch of chocolate chip cookies. These are vastly different than the ingredients used to create them. The project files should be on your local hard drive for optimal performance. The output files go on the server.


          Capability for multiple authors (2 now, but maybe more in the future)


          Then you might want to consider using RoboSource Control. This is included with basic RoboHelp. Bascally you set up Source Control on a central location, then from inside RoboHelp you add the projects to it.


          I'm sure others will chime in with more detail... Rick


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            Very helpful. Thank so much!


            Is RoboHelp Server a deluxe version of RoboHelp, or a completely different product? We are defintely going to need the additional reporting capabilities. Also, would this be installed on a hard drive or on the server where all the authors can use it?


            Currently the project is saved on a hard drive. Is there anything we should know before moving the project to the server?

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              Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Completely different product - it helps with the hosting of your help output; it doesn't do any authoring.

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                jlw34789 Level 1

                Thank you!