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    CS6 Liquify brush size

    Curt Y Level 7

      In my system the liquify brush size goes from 1 to 151 to 301 to 454 and on up.


      It it not possible to get smaller brushes like 30 60 100?


      CS6 extended  Win7  Graphic Accelerator on (this makes no difference in brush steps) 

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Anybody else see just huge brushes?

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            Curt Y Level 7

            Will bump this again.


            In CS5 with the liquify filter the brush size increased by 15 pixels at a step.  So it went from 1 to 16 to 32 to 47 and so forth


            With CS6 the brush size increases by 150 pixels.  So it goes from 1 to 151 to 301 to 454 and so forth.


            Is this what everyone else sees?


            Any way to load smaller size brushes like in CS5.  Most of my work is done with brushes under 150 pixels.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Hi Curt,


              Since you PM'd me and asked nicely, I'll respond, but I really can't take any more of this public experimentation with the forum software.


              The Liquify brush size does jump in huge increments if you try to change the size by moving the slider with the mouse - probably because they changed the max brush size to 15,000 pixels.


              The increments it changes by are much smaller (by 2, not 1) if you use the up and down arrow keys to change the size.


              And of course you can type anything you want into the field.


              But possibly now the best way to use the tool is to use the right-click and drag gesture, which is now the same as when editing in the main Photoshop display.



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                Curt Y Level 7

                Thanks Noel, the up and down arrows do work to change the size.  Never thought of that.


                Typing in a number in in the highlighted box does nothing, but can use the alt + right click to drag size.


                Knew there must be a way I just was not seeing.


                Will see if Adobe ever gets it right with forum.  Three years and counting.