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    Indesign CS6 issues


      Hi Guys,

      i am creating catalogs with vb6 scripting & indesign all versions & its all fine ...now i am trying the same code with INDESIGN CS6 & i found two issues .....


      1 ) when i write code  mycell.width=0  this line not work with indesign cs6 ... its set min. width as 0.417 in ..while the same line is working with all previous version i.e 5.5 etc


      2) when i start catalog i create a document without facing pages & after finishing it i am setting facingpage=true..... but its not working with indesign cs6 .its creating spreads for each page & page position in alternate i.e on first spread its right & on 2nd spread its left.......



      both issues are working on all previous versions but not in indesign CS6......can anyone help me to solve these issues...... please




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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Dhiraj – I can only tell for JavaScript:


          Changing "facingPages" from "false" to "true" does not create single spreads out of every page by default. Maybe there are other circumstances that will force that in your particular case.


          Setting cell width to zero? I never thought of that.
          Just tried with InDesign CS6 and had an error message (I did not expect that exact message, but something like that):


          Error: "Invalid value for set property 'width'. Expected Unit, but received 0."


          Same error with InDesign CS5.5.


          But as I said, I can only tell for JavaScript (ExtendScript).