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    Only plays for 1 second, then stops.

    Navarro Parker Level 3

      Using CS6 11.0.1 with a Quadro 4000. I have about 50 still images in my timeline that are about 1 second each. When I press play (or the spacebar), the playhead moves for about 1 second then just stops. I press the spacebar again and it'll play for another second (or less)... then stop. I've tried turning CUDA rendering off, but the same problem.


      I've also tried turning the video off and just playing the audio track. Same problem. I've turned off both audio and video and I get the same problem just playing black! Same thing if I play a clip in the edit window.  It's not a stuck keyboard issue (I can spacebar play in AE CS6 & Quicktime Player just fine)


      I've rendered my timeline out (it's all green). Why can I only play a tiny bit at a time?