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    Script for InDesign that would use Step & Repeat

    Allegra Nashville Level 1

      I don't have imposition software and our black & white output devices don't either.  I am working on several large books which are at least 100 pages each. They are 8.5x5.5 and need to be layed out 4 up on 11x17. I know nothing about writing a script but am currently under the gun as they say. Is there anything already out there or has someone made one. Gee, even Publisher has imposition software included - what's up with Adobe???

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          There is no single imposition scheme to "fit all". The number, order, and rotation of multiple single pages on a sheet depend heavily on the final sheet size, folding order, cut size, and printers' preference. Therefore, it's best left to the printer.


          Also, when you attempt to transform your native InDesign file into an imposed one, you'll run into problems right from the start with things such as master page objects, page numbers, and spread spanning elements. It's best to export the original file to PDF and use that, or just use the original as a source.


          Allegra Nashville wrote:


          .. [I] am currently under the gun as they say.


          Create a new document the size of the composite sheet; then make a template master page with frames for your four pages in their exact places. Add as many sheets (= one page in this document) as you need. Use Place to load your original InDesign file, then click inside each of the frames to load it with the correct page. Since you seem confident you can do your own imposition, you should already know where each page ought to come.

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            Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

            I'm with Jongware on this, and IMHO am glad that indesign does NOT have an imposing feature. I'm sure many people found the build booklet feature handy, but for the line of work which I do (prepress operator mainly involved in page imposition) then dedicated software is better for many reasons too numerous to mention here.


            Nevertheless, I did write a blog piece which may or may not help the OP, but thought it was worth a shot: http://colecandoo.wordpress.com/2011/10/20/using-data-merge-to-impose-it-can-do-it-but/