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    PPro not using all cpu cores evenly


      Hey Guys!


      I've been recently trying to optimize my laptop to get better performance.


      I have a Lenovo Y550P -

      i7 Q 720 1.60 GHz

      8GB Ram

      Nvidia GT240m video card (1gb ram)

      64 bit windows 7

      500 gb 7200 RPM HDD



      I know this is not the ideal setup, but it is what I have.

      I have a massive amount of GoPro footage to process, and was having issues shuttling at 1/4 resolution.  I made some tweaks such as:

      removed windows visual effects

      enabled hard drive write buffering

      disable CPU core parking (laptop thing)

      various tweaks to the services.msc file

      "enabled" my video card for cuda =)


      This has greatly improved my shuttling for 2x and 4x.  however when I watch the performance monitor I notice it uses CPU cores 4 & 7 significantly more than the other cores.  CPU usage only reaches about 40% during shuttling, yet stutters. 


      Here is a screen capture of resource monitor on disks:  I'm currently reading the footage from an external USB 3.0 drive (F), scratch disks are set to internal (C).


      Here is a screen capture of CPU resources, notice how cpu core 4 (start from 0) has higher usage.


      Is there something I can improve on my setup to make my system more efficient, or is all this just because of the HDD bottleneck?  Any advice on improving my limited systems performance would be appreciated.


      Thank you for your time!