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    Photoshop Images Transferred from Lightroom

    Terry_Straehley Level 1

      Each time that I try to transfer an image from LR 4.1 to PSCS6 the transferred image shows blocky areas of transparency. (See the attached image for an example). These are not permanent in the image and sometimes go away when you change the View. With this one, I can't make it disappear.  I tried using Bridge to open the image in ACR and then PSCS6 and there are no such problems.  My normal workflow is Import to Lightroom and then Edit in Photoshop, when necessary. With some more testing, it seems that this effect happens only when Photoshop is not loaded, but is loaded when invoked from LR.  If PS is up and running, then the pictures transfer normally.  However, many times, I use Photoshop to edit a picture and then close it until I need it again.Note this is Win 7x64120601 SaigonPO.jpg