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    Can't Transform Paths

    CantinaDan Level 1

      I've recently started using Photoshop CS5. For some reason when I select a path and hit command T to transform it, it doesn't work. The transform ignores that I have the path selected and trys to transform whichever layer is active. This is driving me crazy! Please help.


      Mac OSX 10.6.8

      Photoshop 12.1 x64

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          CantinaDan Level 1

          I guess this is just a glitch I'm experiencing? No one else has had this happen?

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            c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

            Which Tool is selected?

            Have you tried deselecting the active Layer?

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              CantinaDan Level 1

              Either the Direct Selection Tool or the Path Selection Tool. Ah, so I deselected all layers and it worked. Thank you for suggesting that.


              In past versions you did not have to do that. As long as a path was visible and you hit Command-T, priority would go to the path and that is what would be transformed. I guess now, even if a path is visible, the selected layer gets transform priority. I'm not crazy, right? It used to be how I describe?


              I've experimented with two documents. One has multiple layers. One has a single layer. Both docs have the same path. In both docs the path is visible (doesn't matter if its actually selected).


              • In the multiple layer doc, if a layer is selected and I hit Command-T, the layer gets transformed. If no layers are selected, the path gets transformed.

              • In the single layer doc, it doesn't matter if the layer is selected or not. When I hit Command-T, the path gets transformed.

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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                I do not understand I can display the path palette select any path in there then use Ctrl/Command+T free transform and transform it any way I want using CS5 and CS6 have not tried other versions of Photoshop.

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                  CantinaDan Level 1

                  Path 1 is selected. Hit "Command-T". Selected layer "paper" gets the transformation instead of Path 1:



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                    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                    Looking at you screen capture you have link layers and locked layers and the path palette just shows name and not thumbnails of the paths.  I see both layer Paper in the Layers palette is targeted and the Path 1 is the tarket in the Paths palette.  Because of the transform bounding box covers the hold canvas and I can not see the path 1 thumbnail the current palett is most likely the layers palette and not the Paths Palette so when you use Command+T the linked layers was selected to be transformed. Press ESC to cancel the transform then click on the Path Palette Tab to make it the pallet being worked with and try Command+T.  You may also want to show thumbnails in the Path Palette so we can get an idea of the path.


                    Photoshop default is to have the Layer, Channels and Path palettes in the same window so the one showing is the palette being work from.