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    PP6 and Decklink Querry


      Just upgraded to CS6.0.1, was using CS5. PrPro sees the card just fine, but the problem is when monitoring to an external monitor my HD footage is being output in a "4:3" squished in format. It was and still is working fine using PrPro 5. also works as expected in After Effects. The XDCAM HD footage did play back properly if I put it into a 1920x1080 BM sequence, but should work in a PRPro native XDCAM HD sequence.

      Just did all this today, have not tried any other footage as yet...hoping to have some ideas to try out on Monday morning. Looking forward to taking it for a test drive, but really need to work out this external monitoring issue.

      Any Ideas??


      Mac OSX 10.7.4

      24 gig ram

      Nvidia 4000 for mac

      PrPro 6.0.1

      XDCAM HD 1080P 30 PrPro native Sequence -

      XDCAM HD mxf files

      Blackmagic Decklink card

      All drivers are up to date, unless I have missed something


      Thanks for any directions