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    Managing Organizing Assets on Hard Drives

    Rods n' Cones

      I am new to video editing. This is my first post. I have learned a tremendous amount from these forums through all of you guru contributors – THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH. I have now set up a tricked out hardware system from what I have learned, and about to get into actual editing. Before I do that I am still a little stuck on how to organize media folders on my hard drives. I apologize for this long winded question in advance. I’m using PPro CS 5.5 on a Windows 7 computer. The computer with 3 hard drives (actually it has four but the last one is a small 120 GB solid state drive, so I don’t know how useful that will be). I have C: drive (480 GB SS) for OS, programs, and pagefile on a 480 GB; D: drive (2 TB WD Black) is for Media and Projects; E: drive (2 TB WD Black) will be for Previews, Media Cache, and Exports, plus; F: drive a 120 GB Solid state drive (not sure if it is useful at this size (?).

      My questions:

      1. ) I plan on having a folder called Video Projects which will house all of my video projects – does it matter if it at the root directory level, or can it be a few levels down under Users/Username/Video Projects?
      2. ) Within this folder I plan on having subfolders which will be my individual Video Projects for example: YYYMMDD_Hawaii Vacation – within this folder will be subfolders for: original footage, project file, graphics, stills, stock footage, audio, and documents. I am not clear where captured video (one of my older cameras uses mini DV tapes) should go when setting up the Scratch Disk. Should it go into a separate folder called “Captures” in the YYYMMDD_Hawaii Vacation folder? Or should it go with the Previews on drive E: ? I realize there are several ways to “skin a cat”, and either way would probably work, but would one way be superior in the long run?

      I think I understand the concept of a Scratch disk, but I don’t understand what Captured Video or Audio has to do with a Scratch disk, or why they should be on the same tab when setting up a new project.

      1. ) What is the most efficient way to set up your Video Assets in general. Keep originals in a separate folder? Keep originals in the Video Project folder described above in (2)?
      2. ) Again, if you had a folder called “Video Assets” with all of your original footage, should it be at the root directory level, or does it matter if it is down a few levels at the Users/User Name/Video Assets folder level?

      I realize these are fairly basic questions, but I have spent a huge amount of time unsuccessfully Googling and trolling the Adobe forums for answers. I realize that with video editing, once you lay down your assets into folders, you should not move them at the risk of having reconnect problems. That’s why I want to get this sorted out early in the game. Thank you all for your help!