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    Sluggish Response and Crashes


      System: Windows 7 32-bit, 4GB RAM

      Version: RH 9.0.1


      Using Sharepoint 2010 as source control and linking to Word documents within a sharepoint library (work with multiple remote authors). Docx files are approx. 150 - 200K each. Project file is saved to C:\


      To access the library, I've mapped a network drive to the source material.


      Even after linking 1 or 2 documents RH response time degrades quickly. After hitting about 20 linked documents, RH begins to lag and any action (espicailly saving all) will crash the program and any work is lost. Also when navigating in the Project Manager, the folders take about 2 - 3 minutes to display the contents.


      I've made some progress by adding 3 or 4 documents, saving, and making a zip backup for when RH crashes again.


      Oddly enough, this worked alright when I was working through a virtual machine running XP.


      Do I have something set incorrectly? Is this normal/common? Any suggestions to give to the IT crew?


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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To determine if it's the network/SharePoint at fault, I suggest creating a test project and link it to copies of the Word docs that you've copied local. See if the crashing/lagging happens then. If not, then there's something else going on in your environment. If so, then you know it's either the network or the SP that's the culprit. Narrow it down further by ditching your test and creating a new project linked to the docs on a network drive that's not using SP. Still busted? Something to do with your environment. Not busted? - SP is your problem.