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    Is there a way to install Photoshop without all the crap?

    cookiesui Level 1

      I noticed when installing the Adobe Photoshop CS6 trial, even if you check only the bare minimum number of checkboxes, it will still install tons of...crap.


      e.g. Bridge, Camera Raw, Camera Raw Profile, Dynamic Link Media Server (seriously, does this sound like something anyone would want installed on their computer?), Extend Script Toolkit, Switchboard, etc.


      Is there anyway to uninstall all that stuff?

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          Level 5

          The only reason I have kept upgrading Photoshop after CS3 is each of the successive versions of Camera Raw.


          You won't be getting much sympathy from me, buddy!  The application is called PHOTOshop for a good reason.  Photoshop is my digital darkroom.


          Perhaps you use Photoshop for other reasons, such as the ones for which Adobe Illustrator is designed, but that doesn't remotely entitle you to come in here and use that kind of vocabulary to describe some of the best features of Photoshop.  They're an integral pat of the application, not stand-alone additions.


          Bridge has evolved from what it started out as, namely Photoshop's Image Browser.


          The answer to your question is NO.  There are no uninstallers for integral parts of the application.


          You could manually delete the parts you think you dislike, but only if you know what you are doing (which your first post ever on these forums reveals you don't), and you would do it strictly at your own peril.


          That was a most unfortunate first post in these user to user forums.



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            cookiesui Level 1

            Whoa man, calm down; relax. Why is this a most unfortunate first post? It's a serious and legitmate question. You're taking it as if I asked it to offend people.


            I do use Photoshop for purposes that Illustrator might be better suited for, but that's my decision; and anyways, I'm more familiar with Photoshop.



            The reason I dislike these certain parts is because I don't like having uncessary stuff installed on my computer, and I certainly don't want unecessary stuff running at start-up

            ...Which is exactly why I did infact disable those start-up entries and manually delete the stuff mentioned — namely, Bridge, Dynamic Link Media Server, etc. — from "Program Files" etc. And no, I did not break Photoshop or anything else (if it does break, you will be the first to know); so yes, I know perfectly well what I'm doing. I don't see how you managed to assume otherwise based off my first post.


            So I asked this question in the first place because I was genuinely wondering if there was a more official way to remove that stuff (as opposed to manually deleting them). Obviously now I know there isn't, but would it have been so terrible if there was? It wouldn't hurt anyone (certainly not you), but people who didn't want something called "Dynamic Link Media Server" installed on their computer would only benefit. Obviously that's not happening anytime soon, but hey, if I knew that, I wouldn't have asked in the first place.


            Thank you for your insightful and not-at-all-condescending response.

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

              Well if you are not taking advantage ofthe Bridge you are missing out on a lot of stuff and if you are not using Camera Raw you are really missing out on a lot of power in editing and processing you files digitsl capture or not. The profiles are important as well if you are shoooting digitally very important. Dynamic link is also very important if you are doing any motion graphics and work with AE, Encore or Premiere Pro and Audition.


              All the stuff you are concerned about are very useful tools if you take advantage of them if you don't well then why are you making life so hard on yourself these things can save you a lot of time.


              And help you get your work done better.


              In case you are not aware of it.


              I'm a professional photographer and I am in Photoshop Lightroom almost everyday that I am nit shooting. And sometimes days when I do shoot. Lightroom uses Camera Raw if I did not have LR I would go straight to Camera Raw.


              Are you a photographer or some other graphic arts professional?

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                cookiesui Level 1

                Neither; I just use Photoshop as an image editor, hence why I'm currently using the trial, since I don't use it for professional purposes, and am fine with only using it for 30 days.


                Sorry if describing those features as "crap" came across as offensive; I was only just wondering if there was a way to remove the parts I don't use (since I don't like stuff like that running at start-up).

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                  Curt Y Level 7

                  Since all this "crap" is part of the program if you remove any of the part you will probably end up with a product that does not work.


                  Same can be said of most programs.  Have you tried to remove all the "crap" in Win 7?

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                    Talk about all that crap, with all that useless "crap" and not any help files, goodies, samples.


                    The download is 2gb and adobe can't even include a what's new pdf!


                    Now that's crap!