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    Seems like a bug in TestRunner with passed assertions in Async Tests

    voland62 Level 1


      I havn't find bugtracker for FlexUnit, and so do post here.


      Test runner doesn't show passed assertoins in async tests as it does with simple tests, but with falling

      assertions - all good. With this bug I cant see the whole test set in runner's  list. (I mean org.flexunit.flexui.TestRunnerBase - the runner from the suit).





      [Test(async, description="ListVideos for media library")]

      public function test_ListVideos():void


            var asyncHandler : Function = Async.asyncHandler(this, onListVideosOk,      WAITING_BEFOR_FAULT_DELAY, null, handleTimeout);

            service.eventDispatcher.addEventListener( "mediaFilesListUpdated" , asyncHandler, false, 0, true);





      private function onListVideosOk( e : DynamicEvent, passThroughData : Object ) : void


            Assert.assertTrue( e.list is ArrayCollection );// doesn't show in the runner list if passed



      private function handleTimeout( passThroughData : Object ) : void


            Assert.fail( "Service hasn't responded in " + WAITING_BEFOR_FAULT_DELAY + "ms." );