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    Web App issues

    Legacys7 Level 1

      When I customize my Web Apps, all of the fields that I add to it doesn't show up. Example, I'll add file uploader and others and only two boxes shows up.

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          florincarlig.a Adobe Employee



          I'm not quite sure what you mean by "only two boxes show up". Can you attach a screenthot or a video showing this, and also let us know the site where this is happening?




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            Legacys7 Level 1

            When I'm on the b.c. website, I'm making a web app. When I add the for example, " Allow file upload" after checking the box, it isn't added after I save the web app. When I add it to a webpage, in the preview it doesn't show up, including some of the other boxes aka form boxes. I'll add the screen shoot.