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    Apply character formats in the Marker window

    farrelldoc Level 1

      We need the ability to apply character formats (including superscript and subscript) in the Marker window. I use this feature to generate LOM files, which are greatly helpful, but after generation, I must edit the file directly to apply character tags to individual items to correspond with the style of the text from which the markers have been generated.


      For example, I have a list of warnings at the beginning of my book. I place a marker in each warning in the chapters to generate the list of markers. Some of the warnings in the chapters contain the product name which includes an Italic character and a superscript registration character. (The client's style is to use the registration character at every instance.) When I place the text in the Marker window, I have no way to include the character formats for Italics and superscript. Therefore, when the list of warnings is generated, the product name is not styled correctly, and I must edit every instance in that file--every time I generate for a revision.


      If the Marker window would accept character format codes like the Variable window does, the problem would be solved.