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    Better drawing tools needed

    farrelldoc Level 1

      FrameMaker drawing tools haven't changed since I started using FM 5 for UNIX (might have been FM 3--hard to remember that far back). The tools are clumsy to manipulate, they don't "remember" your last settings, and they don't tell you what the current settings are for items already in the book (for example, color or line width), and you can't save presets. These failings make it difficult to make your drawings consistent throughout a book without writing down your settings elsewhere, and you always have to take extra time to change the settings to what you need each time you open a new file. It is inefficient, cumbersome, limiting, and leaves too much room for error.


      It's time for more sophisticated tools for drawing and editing those drawings in anchored frames. Perhaps Adobe could borrow some features from Illustrator or InDesign and add them to the Graphics Toolbar.


      Here are some items I wish I had been able to use while writing my last book in FM9. I really just wanted Illustrator/InDesign tools, but the below items would have sufficed:


      • Recall last settings automatically (or at least have option to)
      • Add presets for arrows, lines, boxes; ability to add custom presets
      • More control over drawing and editing straight lines when using Shift key
      • View current settings for drawings (line width, color, arrow style, dash pattern)
      • Add more patterns