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    Video/Audio Splits (CS6)

    Steven Pribilinskiy Level 1

      After marking a Video Split in Source Monitor it is expected that only Video will be placed into Sequence after an Overlay/Insert operation. But both Video and Audio are placed into Timeline. There's no Audio selection but the whole Audio track is placed into Timeline. Same applies when only an Audio Split is needed to select.



      Duration of a Marked Video/Audio Split Selection In Source Monitor is not updated. It's not updated in the Info palette too.






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      Concise problem statement:Video Split Duration not shown. When only a Video or an Audio Split is marked, both Video and Audio is placed into Timeline.

      Steps to reproduce bug:

      1.Open a Clip in Source Monitor

      2.Mark a Video or Audio Split

      3.Overlay Selection into Timeline

      Results:Duration of the Marked Split Selection is not represented in Source Monitor nor in Info Palette. Both Video and Audio is placed into Timeline.

      Expected results:Selected Video or Audio should be placed but not both.

      Link: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1016293

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          KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Not sure why you would expect only the video split to insert if no audio split is defined. These operations are intended for all selections on both video and audio, and If there is no audio split defined then all the audio is considered selected. Same with video. If you define seperate audio and video splits, then just these selections are inserted. The drag video/audio-only operations are there if that is what you want to do.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            What he said. smiley up.png

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              Steven Pribilinskiy Level 1

              Correct for Clips opened from Sequence

              drag video/audio-only

              The idea behind the expected common-sense behaviour is to avoid Mouse in some cases, to aid some keyboard driven workflow - to avoid activating Timeline to select/deselect Audio/Video Tracks when only Video or only Audio is needed to place in the Sequence when clips are opened from Project panel.


              The Splitting feature is not ultimate, currently it can be used solely for doing J and/or L cuts.