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    A Director 6 projector can't find movies

    Hugh Peoples

      This is a question about an old version of Director (Version 6).

      My question was about making a projector of old movies, orginally made in Director 6.  I'm still using '6' to make the new projector.  When it runs the projector can't find two of the movies.  It only seems to do so if it is in the same folder as the .dir files.  This didn't happen in the old days - I used to make and use the projectors as standalone items, just an Xtras folder was included, I think it was for dialogs.  Since it's still the old Director, I wonder what's the problem now.  Help?  Thanks!

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          Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Hugh,

          I assume you mean video files when you refer to movies. I don't recall if Director 6 behaved differently in terms of videos as compared to later versions. Generally, Director does the following with videos (mov, avi...):
          - Video is never embedded. It remains an external file that needs to be bundled with your Director application.

          - By default, Director will look in the same folder for externally linked files like video. So, to guarantee your external content will eb found without an error dialog, keep them in the same folder.

          - Director links to external files by a relative path created when you import the file. So, if I have movie1.dir in a folder and then import video1.mov that is in a subfolder 'videos', if you move the entire application to another drive or onto a CD, it should still link to the video as long as you have the 'videos' subfolder below the movie that calls it.

          - There is a way to set the paths for external content vide Lingo. Look up searchPathList. I'd suggest you get the above right first though.

          Hope that helps.


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            Hugh Peoples Level 1

            Hi Dean


            This is very good of you to get back to me directly.  Thanks for the information.

            These files I was talking about are now old files, and I'm getting back into working with Director after about 7 years absence!


            What I had made was a series of Director movies (not '.avi' files) which contain tutorial content (chemistry), and there is a 'main' projector that does nothing else than call them.  When I assembled the projector and ran it, two of the movies just wouldn't seem to follow orders, unless the projector was inside the same folder as they.  The combined total for size is only about 30 Mb for the whole thing and in the past I sent out the projector as a stand-alone.  I'm nearly certain that I didn't bundle the original .dir files (nor protected versions) with the projector.  But, I did include an 'extras' folder because a couple of the movies made dialogs.


            Since I'm getting back into this, I'll probably upgrade to Director 11, or 12 (if it happens), but for now I want to get these programs up and running again.  My only version of the Director package that I had was '6.0' and I do remember that there was an updater that I loaded after installing the package from Macromedia.  Possibly, there are a few programming issues in this old version.


            In the meantime, I'll just make protected versions of the movies and put them in there with the projector.  I expect that will work fine.  The package will be going onto a college system, so I'll just need them to make a link to the projector so that it shows up in the 'Start' menu.  The students won't be able to access the folder, so there shouldn't be any problems with finding the files.  But, I'll put in a 'path setting' line in the code, as you suggest.


            Another odd thing that happened was that I found that a number of moves ('.avi' files) wouldn't loop in a frame.  These are part of a different project containing lessons on the photoelectric effect.  I had a made a series of  '.avi' files that showed simulations of the PE effect and so forth.  I found that, in order to have them loop, I needed to check 'loop', check 'sound' and select 'sync to soundtrack' (although there is no sound track in any of them).  I also selected 'direct to stage'.  That's not how I did it in the past, but for some reason, they loop just fine now.


            I haven't built these into a projector yet, so I don't know if a disasters waiting!  I'm finishing off some checks on the algorithms for problem creation.  I did know that the '.avi' files are linked cast members - but I appreciate your making the point.


            I hope Director will survive, but who knows?  I'm a bit hesitant to upgrade, even to '11' until I see some evidence that Director will be around for a while.  I see some references to a version that will produce tablet-ready products.  That would be very nice!


            I will take a look at setting paths, so as to try and avoid any problems.  (I did know about that from yesteryear, but never had to make any use of it before.)


            Once again, thanks very much for the information, and for taking the time to write to me.




            (Hugh) Allan Peoples

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              Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Hugh,



              The Adobe forums have changed recently but I think they always automatcally email any replies to a thread to the participants. If you'd like to email me directly, my address is d.utian@unsw.edu.au. I am happy to advise on upgrading files from D6, general packaging, use of video and other issues you may come across