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    Titles templates a different between MAC and Windows

    philip_38 Level 1

      Adobe is very incompetent on delivering content.My company is considering moving to the windows version, so we create this Windows server to host only Premiere Pro CS6. Well, the Titles are not there (trial version), so we download the file, unzip it, and copied it to the right place. But we discover that the CS6 Mac Version has a very different list of titles templates, so we simply cannot do our work in Windows. Furthermore, what several have noticed is true. The window fails to scroll or preview correctly, and the majority of the titles are ugly, not like in the MAC. In fact, it seems like they don't want to offer the same titles in the Trial Version than in the licensed version, at least this is what it looks like. It is a mistake, because how do you evaluate a version without the titles? They have to offer the same exact titles for both operating systems.


      The question is, how do we transfer our Title Presets from our MAC Licensed version to the Windoes Trial version?