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    ADE 1.7 stalls when initializing


      Hello all,


      I recently uninstalled Adobe Acrobat X Pro from my Vista PC. After that, when I open ADE, the initializing screen shows and stalls. The window shows the not responding message. I'm not sure if this is related to the uninstall of Acrobat.

      I tried to see if uninstalling ADE and reinstalling would fix the problem but no luck. Anyone else having the same problem or ideas on how to fix this?




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          I tried helping my mother in law with her Vista computer and the same thing is happening, it use to work a couple weeks ago and now I get the opportunity to resolve the issue.....tried a few things ...uninstall..re-install ..usually hangs at the dialog box showing some .zip download....not sure where to go next...Would also appreciate any ideas.

          Thanks, Randall