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    error 112: The AIR target doesn't support native extensions


      I have been developing an AIR app in Flash Builder.  I recently created an ANE (Air Native Extension) for FMOD and linked it with my AIR app.  ADT user-unfriendliness aside, I got it working.


      When I try to update my Ant build script to package the ANE files with my AIR project, ADT complains:


      My-App-Descriptor-Name.xml: error 112: The AIR target doesn't support native extensions.


      This comes as a surprise to me, because I've been compiling and developing the AIR app in Flash Builder with the ANE extensions.  It also doesn't make sense, because I packaged my ANE with platform specific libraries for multiple platforms (Windows and MacOs), so when the AIR app runs on these platforms, it should work.  However, this aside, my main point is:


      How the heck does this work in Flash Builder if AIR targets do not support ANE?  What is Flash Builder doing, exactly, when I Run or Debug an AIR app with ANEs?