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    which is the best single adobe package for design and printing of  labels


      We  use specialist barcode label design and printing software, which in fine for 80% of our needs. However we're sometimes asked to produce variable data jobs and are supplied a PDF doocument as a starting point from our customers.


      We would like to be able to add variable data fields (text and barcodes) to the base document, assign variable fields to data sources such as csv, xls, etc then perform a merge to create a complete multi-page document ready for printing. Typical run may  be 10k pages.


      I would appreciate recommendations.





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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          InDesign can certainly do the sort of thing you are describing, though out of the box it may not be as sophisticated as you need. The built-in Data Merge function can use either .txt or .csv files for a data source, but you can have only one source file per document. Both text and graphical elements can be added using Data Merge. Merging this way creates either multiple instances per page, like a sheet of labels, or a new single page in your document for each record in the merge.


          More sophisticated merges can be done using commercial catalog plugins for ID, but I wonder if you really want to be making 10,000 page files for printing if all of the pages are essentially the same with some variable data fields. You might be better off with a Variable Data Printing solution for your digital press that can do the merge in the print stream.


          You asked about a package in the title of your question. I don't know if you meant "application" or "suite" bundle that also includes other applications. You can get InDesign bundled with Photoshop and Illustrator as well as Acrobat and other products depending on the Creative Suite bundle that you select, and there is also the Creative Cloud subscription service that gives you access to all of the application in Creative Suite, plus a few other things for a monthly fee.