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    How to print a group of pictures?


      I have 4 photos I need to print. I've set the image canvas at 288 pixels per inch and arranged the picture within a page that is 1746 x1048 pixels in horizontal view. However whenever I try to print they only fill about 1/4th of the page. How do I increase the size of the images/resolution so they fill the page?

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          If you're creating a document for print in Fireworks, I'd try setting the canvas to the dimensions of your page output (e.g., 8.5" x 11"). Then I'd probably import each photo (using File > Import) and define it as a Symbol. Once it's defined as a Symbol, an image can be resized freely on the page, with no loss of its native resolution.


          Later, if you need to adjust the page resolution, you can use Modify > Canvas > Image Size.

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