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    Printing : Have mercy on me!

    GerryIsHere Level 1
      Hi there!

      I need your help to make an almost working function working perfectly.
      Just a very little piece of code (well... I think so!).

      I implemented a printing function which is working nice even for multiple pages.

      Problem is as follows...
      Say we have a text 100 lines long.
      Each page can hold 80 lines.
      We should have:
      Page 1 = from line 1 to line 80
      Page 2 = from line 81 to line 100

      Instead, I get:
      Page 1 = from line 1 to line 80
      Page 2 = from line 20 to line 100 !!!
      i.e. lines 20 to 80 are printed twice!

      Tracing the step by step results shows that the function is working accurately.

      I think problem is in theTextArea = printFld but can't find the kind of mistake it is...
      Please, help me find it!!! It's very urgent (my deadline was Monday 31st, 4:00PM EDT)

      Many thanks in advance.

      Best regards,