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      I have Adobe Premiere Elements 9, and I recorded some videos out of fraps. I imported the videos in elements to edit out (I imported the RAW file that came out of FRAPS, AVI).

      First, my computers resolution is at 1920x1200.

      I recorded the game as 1440x900

      Everytime I render out the video as a MPEG 1440x900, there is always black gaps/borders on the sides. I'm deciding on getting a new version, like Pro CS6 or CS5, or elements 10

      What I'm confused is that, do I render the video as the resolution I played on, or the resolution my computer is on.

      I tried 1920x1200, but it wouldnt work, I changed the LEVEL to High, and it only made me go up to 1920x1088

      if the answer is to render out on my computers resolution, is there a way to render in that resolution? Or is it that elements 9 can' render in the reso.

      Can PRO CS6 or CS5, or elements 10, render out in 1920x1200? It will also help me out on others...


      I just need help on taking out those black borders and if possible, render out in 1920x1200 (it will help on my other vids)



      P.S. If you need more infomation, please ask, and I will see if I can answer it

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          nealeh Level 5

          PRE does not work well with native Fraps clips but the following FAQ entry should help you out;


          How can I edit FRAPS video in Premiere Elements?


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Also, see this ARTICLE on dealing with video screen-capture output, and editing.


            Some refers directly to Camtasia/CamStudio, while some relates to FRAPS. They are similar programs, but with the former, the TechSmith CODEC's do come into play. FRAPS has its own set of CODEC's, so very similar, yet different.


            Also, some of the material in that article deal with Premiere Pro, while some deals with Premiere Elements. The reason for the listing of both programs, is that there are differences. The biggest is that PrPro allows one to use a Custom Project Preset, which can be set to match the pixel x pixel dimensions (Aspect Ratio) of the Project's Frame Size, to match the output from the video screen-capture program. As it is capturing from a computer's monitor, the Aspect Ratio will most likely not match traditional video Frame Sizes, so some more work would need to be done, unless one could set their Project's Frame Size to match - PrPro allows this, where PrE does not, so more work and decisions are required in PrE.


            Good luck, and what you see with those black bars, is common, when using PrE. The best that one can get is to use a Project Preset (standard Video dimensions), that is close, and then either leave black bars, or adjust the Scale of the FRAPS footage in one, or more, dimensions. Without distortion, that would mean some "cropping" of the pixels from the capture, to allow one to fill all of the black bars.


            Good luck,



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