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    Skewed Rotation

    preditorj40153117 Newcomer

      So i created a white solid and added the Venetian filter and matted a image to that.


      There is a c4d tiff seq. in this composite but when i hold 'W' to rotate it skews.


      How do i stop the skewing? or why is this happening?


      ae skew.png

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          Andrew Yoole Rockstar

          I'm not sure I understand what the problem is.  Can you be more specific? Which element is "skewing", the image sequence or the venetian lines?  What are you trying to achieve that you are not?

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            Mylenium Legend

            This is a pixel aspect ratio issue. Check your comp settings and footage interpretation.



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              preditorj40153117 Newcomer

              Sorry for the slow response.


              I think i have my settings correct. All comps are 1280x720 dvcpro hd 1080 (1.5) @24fps.


              The cube comes from c4d but it is also 720p @24fps but it is set to square pixels. It is not the settings of the main comp but does not skew.

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                Mylenium Legend

                I'm still not really sure what you are doing. PAR issues are pretty much the only reasonable explanation for these kinds of things. Or are there any additional effects applied that may influ8ence the result?



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                  preditorj40153117 Newcomer

                  thats what i was thinking so i did a new project. A banner.





                  Then  I imported a logo. I added a 1200x1000 round logo but its was vertically skewed when added to the comp. ( dont know why)

                  With some eye estimation i made relatively perfect circle again.

                  The i keyframed a single rotaion with a left to right keyframe and got this.


                  rotate skew.png


                  The file is a PNG.


                  In AE anythng moving up/ down/ left or right does not skew. It only skews on rotaion. its almost like its getting some z-axis influence.


                  i would think that if i put a logo like this in any res project that i could rotate and only get the wobble if the file wasn't exactly circular.


                  This is weird but i am sure there is a check box or setting some where that is causing this.

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                    Andrew Yoole Rockstar

                    You're composition settings show your are using a DVCPRO 1.5 pixel aspect, despite the comp size having no relationship with DVCPRO resolution, and your round logo is using a 0.91 pixel aspect.  The conflicting pixel sizes are distorting your object.


                    Convert your comp to square pixels, and interpret your logo with square pixels, then see the difference.

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                      preditorj40153117 Newcomer

                      Thats it!!!!


                      That did the trick. I just remembered that was the last settings i used for a project a couple of weeks ago. It was definately a senior moment.


                      EXTRA THANKS.