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    loopng video

    sound space

      Hi, I'm new to PE and have a short repetitive video - 15 secs in duration, that I'd like to extend for the length of a song. It will be repeated about 7 times but, being an audio person,  it seems to be looping might be easier than importing it 7 times. Can PE do that as i can't find the function?


      thanks for any advice.

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          nealeh Level 5

          You don't have to import the video seven times.

          • Once you have it in your Project Media panel you can drag it to your timeline multiple times
          • You can work with each version separately, applying different in/out points, cut different parts, effects, transitions, key frames etc...
          • In the Media panel List View you can see how many times each clip has been used.
          • You can also work with the video or audio alone - in the screen shot I've used the video twice, and the audio thrice.


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            sound space Level 1

            Thanks Neale, yes, sorry i didnt mean import from outside the program, but rather drag from the project media panel.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              As one can have virtually unlimited Instances of a Clip on the Timeline, I would Trim the Clip (setting the In & Out Points, either in the Source Monitor, or on the Timeline), and just drag it to the Timeline, as many times, as needed.


              If the Trim is done in the Timeline, then it would probably be easiest to just Select the Trimmed Clip, and Copy (Ctrl+C, or Cmd+C), then just Paste (Ctrl+V, or Cmd+V), as many times, as needed.


              If the Trim is done in the Source Monitor, just click+drag it from there, as many times, as is needed. Unlike many DAW programs, there is no "Looping" command, per se.


              If you are planning on adding Transitions between the Instances of that Clip, do make sure that in your Trimming, you leave adequate Handles. This ARTICLE goes into more detail on Handles. Planning for Handles, will make things a lot smoother, when editing.


              As a side-note, if one has a long Clip, they can set multiple In & Out Points in it, and use many Instances of that "master Clip," just by altering those In & Out Points, so that each can be different, on the Timeline. This is one way that many editors work, and often from the Source Monitor, which has easily set In & Out Points. Some editors prefer to drag the "master Clip" to the Timeline, and then Cut that "master Cliip" into little "sub-Clips," removing sections, that are not desired. Though these two workflows appear to be different, they are actually the same, as far as the result is concerned.


              Good luck,



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                sound space Level 1

                Thanks Bill, that helps me a lot. I haven't found the "manual" for PE very good so i have ordered  Steve Grisetti's book and i think once i start working with it i should move ahead quickly with the program. That said i am learning that video is much more complex than audio - there seems a lot to learn about all the standards for example, so i have no doubt that the expertise of people such as yourself, Steve, Neale etc on the Forum will remain essential. (I do hope that Adobe see how important you guys are and furnish you with free software etc!)



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  I think that you will find Steve's book great for answering most of your questions, and converting you into a successful video editor, very quickly. It's about the best resource, that I have seen.


                  Yes, video has many more variables, but you should not have any problem, making the transition to video, once you have some answers to a few basic questions.


                  Good luck, and as you can see, there are often many ways to get to the same end, when using Premiere - much depends on how one likes to work.


                  Happy editing,



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                    sound space Level 1

                    Cheers Bill!