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    File save as command


      Hi is there a way to get acrobat to retrieve data from the first form input field and then use it in the file naming convention when using the "file save as" command. is there a javascript or something to do this?


      In other words, I have a savable form that I created. it is going to be a template that will be filled out by people in my organizatin. Once they complete the form, they will save it to a network directory. I don't want it saving as the same file name and having people accidetnaly overwriting files already saved. Some people are not smart enough to change the file name. I would like acrobat to retrieve informatino from the first input field and use this as the name of the file to be saved. MS word does this when you create a document. I don't see why acrobat can't do it either....many thanks for anyone that can help.