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    Runtime error in CS6

    JWH-NIRC Level 1

      I have just installed CS6 Design Std in Windows 7. The installation went through fine, but only Acrobat works. Photoshop crashes, and Illustrator loads after several error message. Even so, there is not even an option to "activate" either in Illustrator or in Acrobat.

         I uinstalled my old Acrobat and ran the Clean uninstall program. Here is a screen shot of the error message I get with InDesign. I have to go to the Task Manager and stop it in the "Processes" panel, since it freezes.

      InDesign runtime error.jpg

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          There are a number of similar threads to this in various places. From what I'm reading it seems to be a bug (and is hopefully being addressed) and affects users without adequate permission to write to the C:\ drive. Running as Administrator, or giving your user permission to write to the root of C: is the current recommended workaround.

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            JWH-NIRC Level 1

            This was very helpful. I had been reading around, and was advised to move the Windows 7 TEMP and TMP files to another partition. This at least got me through the installation ok. It is a little annoying having to be asked each time if I want to allow the program to "run as administrator," but I'll wait until a patch is made available.

                One has to wonder how such a basic, I mean really basic issue wasn't caught in the beta stage...

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              dean.p Level 1

              Hi, I have just uninstalled CS5 master collection and installed CS6 via the Cloud service and applied all updates on two machines which have both experienced this problem with Indesign CS6 crashing. Both machines have SSD's as the main drive and I have my User folder on 1TB WD drives in RAID-1.


              Moving the windows TEMP folder did not fix the issue, however running as administrator allowed me to run Indesign. However, running as administrator causes another problem, we have a file-server which has SAMBA and NTFS share and if I run Indesign as administrator, I do not have proviledges to save to the server and must save to my local PC, if I don't run Indedign as admin, I get the runtime error and it crashes.