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    What is a good bitrate for my video (mp4 website embed)?


      I'm trying to encode some music videos with PE to embed on my website as mp4 (streaming with jw player).


      How do I figure out a bit rate for maximum quality yet no buffering delays.  I should probably assume some of my viewers will have relatively slow 1mb dsl connections.


      From what I understand, these are good settings:

      share>computer:  Quicktime/.mov


      Video Tab

      *Video Codec: H.264

      *Quality: 100

      *Field Type: Progressive

      *Pixel Aspect Ratio: square

      *Set Bitrate: checked


      Audio Tab

      *Audio Code: AAC

      *Output Channels: Stereo

      *Frequency: 44kHz


      My video dimensions are either 560x315 or 600x334. 

      I saw in another thread that 8000kbps bitrate is good for a 720p youtube encode, though that obviously makes a huge file for website streaming.  Been trying to figure it out, but very confused. Thanks for any suggestions!