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    Communicate between Air and Web Server

    William Spence Level 1

      Hi.  I am a moderately experienced Adobe Air programmer.  I know how to set up services and communicate with a web server using RPC componenents and HTTP Requests, etc.  But I need to actually communicate(pass information and variable) between a website and my Air app and don't know where to start.


      I am interested in doing some e-commerce in an Air app.  I feel that it would be best to do the e-commerce on a web server and then open up an HTTP window in Air to interact with it.  I want to do it this way because if I need to change pricing or shipping costs or any of the other various things that change in a business, it would be easiest to just change it once on a website rather than releasing a new Air application with the updates.  So the issue is that I want to set up e-commerce on a website and be able to access that page in my Air app so that the user seems to think that it is running in the Air app. When all of the credit card information and and user ID and password has been validated and the web server has processed the transaction, I need the web server to let my Air app know that it can continue with its next priority.  But I don't know how to listen for this or to interact with a webserver.


      Can anyone point me to components or processes that I need to learn so that my air app and a web server can communicate and pass relevant information back and forth fluently, things that will let the other know that they are ready?