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    Shift key doesn't constrain shapes anymore


      Hello there!


      I'm new to After Effects therefore I started a tutorial recently in order to learn how to use it properly. However, there is something what doesn't make any sense to me.

      As a Photoshop user I always use the shift key to make a perfect circle or rectangle if it comes to shapes or selection. As I experienced during the tutorial this feature also available in AE. 

      Unfortunately this option doesn't work anymore for some reason. What it does it's basically changes the orientation of the actual shape instead of making it a perfect circle or rectangle. Please take a look on the images attached for a better understanding what I'm trying to say. The first image showing my selection without using the shift key, on the second one you can see what the shift key does to the selection. The weirdest thing is that it actually worked before and I don't remember anything I've done which could cause this problem.


      Please help me to solve this issue!


      Thank You!





      1.png 2.png