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    Problems with Creative Suite Design Premium.


      Does Freative Suite Design Premium 3 work on Window 7 Pro 64 bit?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          It has certainly never been tested by Adobe.  You are welcome to try though and post to the forum if you run into any difficulties.  You will most likely have problems with the version of Acrobat included, I believe Acrobat 8, but other applications may function.

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            RobCK08 Level 1

            I initially installed Creative Suite 3 Design Premium on my PC with Windows 7 64 Bit Home which was upgraded to Professional in December last year so the full prgramme has been running fine until the evening of May 13th then on Monday 14th nothing would open. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times but with no success. Photoshop open but with a windows error message then closes down no other programme will open. I have tried installing without acrobat as it always seemed to want a Vista dll which I have never had ( having said that it will install on it's own after cancelling the vista request box and runs okay). I tried various suggestions from a helpful person on the Adobe chat helpline but then someone else withdrew the compalint saying that CSD 3 did not work with 64 bit which is patently untrue as it had been running successfully for over a year, but suggesting I buy an upgrade. I am quite happy with CSD3 for the moment but given the sudden failure this proposal did make me wonder if soome Adobe upgrade that has come throgh is interferring with 64 bit systems perhaps to get people to upgrade. I would hope not!

            In any case perhaps you can let me know how I submit a formal complaint to Adobe as there does not seem to be a function to do so. I have spent a significant amount of money for this prgramme and I expect it to work.

            So CDS 3 does work with 64 bit the question is why should it stop now? Intriguing but extremely frustrating.

            Thanks for your mail since I cannot seem to reactivate my case # 0183251810 to take this matter further.