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    Cannot import .mov file


      I wish to import a .mov file into PremierePro CS5.5, but I get an error message saying "The file has no audio or video streams".  The same happens when I try to run this through Media Encoder 5.5.


      The file plays fine on VLC and Quicktime, so I'm pretty confident the correct codecs are installed, and I have the latest updates for all video software.


      The full media spec of the file is as follows:


      Video: MPEG-1/2 (xd5c), 1920x1080, 25fps, Planar 4:2:2 YUV

      Audio: PCM S24LE (42ni), stereo, 48kHz, 24 bits/sample

      Originated from Sony XDCAM H422 1080i50 (50Mb/s) - it was a .xmf but transcoded into .mov for use in FCP6/7 but now I want to run this (at home) on PPro 5.5.


      Operating System: Mac OSX 10.7.3.


      Please can I have a straight answer, rather than links to PC software or links that no longer exist.




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          Sony XDCAM as you said - original comes in an MXF container and is natively supported by Adobe Premiere.

          But If you put your footage on your Mac with FCP into a "special magical FCP XDCAM" that only a Mac with FCP installed can play - then you loose...


          1. You can transcode all your clips with FCP into Prores or DNXHD or something the rest of the world can read.


          2. I had a silimalr situation with footage from a client: A- I could read the 4 channel audio with Premiere and was able to transcode the video with FFMPEG comand line into something more compatible...


          hope this helps...