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    InDesign no longer printing booklets to edges in cs6?


      I printed booklets for my students in InDesign 5.5.  Worked perfect, on US Letter paper I was able to get 2 worksheets per side.  I'd cut them down the middle and have these great packets of worksheets.  I upgraded to InDesign 6 (on both my mac and PC).  And now the printouts don't extend all the way to the right of the paper, it's kind of scaled slightly down.  So when I cut the paper, it's a little off and everything's shifted to the left.  I carefully examined every setting when printing, it all makes sense and is exactly the same as I had it in cs5.5.


      There was an update to InDesign 6 the other day, I installed that... no help :(.  Does InDesign 6 no longer print booklets properly?  What can I do aside from downgrading?