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    Warp Stabilizer Questions



      I have been using Warp Stabilizer in the CS6 release of Premiere Pro.  I've noticed 2 things:


      1)  I have a sequence with a clip using Warp Stabilizer effect that has been rendered.  If I add a clip directly after it and add a cross dissolve transition, it requires the entire first clip to be re-rendered.  On complex stabilizations, this can take hours to days.  Is there any way to have it only require a re-render of the impacted portion of the clip instead of the entire thing?


      2) If I set my work area to a complex clip (synthesize edges, detailed analysis) with Warp Stabilizer and render the entire work area, it appears the efficiency goes down.  I'm not sure how this is possible, but the estimates of completion time (and watching the elapsed time vs percentage compete) seems to indicate that it may exist.  If I segment the work area to smaller regions in the clip and work my way through it, the total clock time to complete seems to be much faster.  In one example, it seems to go from 80+ hours down to about 12 hours.  In both cases it takes 100% of the CPU (8 cores) and a large portion of the ram (8-9+ GB).  I believe the performance options are set correctly.


      Any suggestions?




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          Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

          Hi Jonathan,

          I hope you get a good answer from the gurus at ADOBE on this one. I use ProDADS Mercalli V2+ Stablizer in Cs5.5.2 with 4 cores Xeon processor, i suggest you trial it as I have had no issues with the exception of cutting the clip after stablization, do it befor hand. I was thinking of upgrading to 6.1 ?


          Good luck