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    Wont Run With Intel R HD Graphics

    oDavido Level 1

      I installed the program and it wouldn't run. I deleted my graphics card and sure enough it ran under generic windows drivers. Of course this sucks for performance and everything else.


      I let windows find and install drivers and as soon as I did that it no longer worked. I then went to Lenovo to get the latest drivers which where a year newer than the ones window installed. Still wont work.


      I've tried CS and Premiere now with the same issue. Hard to believe a product comes out with incompatability with an intel product but hoping there is a patch or a fix. Any help would be appreciated.


      I am trying to run it on a Lenovo X201 Tablet with Intel (R)HD Graphics. Any help would be appreciated.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unofrtunately, Intel makes great chips, but has horrible driver support. Their chips are best for general computing, but are ill-suited (because of that total lack of driver support) for work with graphics-heavy programs, such as Premiere and later versions of Photoshop. That is just how it is, with Intel graphics chips. This ARTICLE goes into a bit more detail.


          If one has a desktop computer, the best course of action is to by-pass the on-board Intel chip (usually turning it off in the BIOS), and replacing it with an nVidia, or ATI/AMD graphics card, which will have much better driver support. With a laptop, one is hampered, and there are usually not many things that can be done, to improve on the lack of driver support.


          Now, a few Intel graphics chip users HAVE managed to get updated Intel drivers from their laptops' mfgr's. We site, but not always, and it seems that you have already visited the Lenovo site, so that might be, as good as it gets.


          Sorry for the bad news, but that is why I strongly recommend against ANY laptop, that uses embedded Intel graphics chips.


          Good luck,



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            nealeh Level 5

            You can get the latest Intel HD drivers from the Intel Download Center




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