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    Can't Find Document "How to apply and adjust keying effects"


      Hi all,


      I recently downloaded the After Effects CS6 Project 6 guide called, "How to rotoscope in Adobe After Effects" (p6_howto_rotoscope.pdf), which is available on the Adobe website.  This guide recommends that the reader first complete a separate guide titled, "How to apply and adjust keying effects" before doing the rotoscoping guide.


      Unfortunately, I can't find this keying effects guide online anywhere.  I searched the Adobe websites, as well as on Google, and the only hit I found was for a CS5 guide called "Adobe After Effectcs CS5 Project 6 guide" (Adobe+After+Effects+CS5+tutorials.pdf), which refers the reader to the same keying effects guide.


      Can anybody tell me where I can find this keying effects guide?  Since I downloaded the two project guides from the Adobe website, I'm assuming that the keying effects guide would also be available online.  I don't yet have AE CS5 or CS6, so I can't check their documentation for this guide.


      Thanks very much in advance for any help.