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    Image 292 dpi, will print at 300 dpi


      Hello, I'm working on a magazine and we would really like to have a certain photo, but unfortunately it's a bit too small. When placed and resized correctly InDesign tells me that the image is at 292 dpi, it will be printed at 300 dpi. I understand that this could be printer specific, but how do you think the result will be? Will 8 dpi off be noticeable? Of course if possible I will print that specific image. But if not, would you take the risk of having an image at 292 dpi hoping it will be alright?


      EDIT: Oh, some info: it's going to be printed on A4, the photo in question will be 213 mm x 88.25 mm at the top of the page.

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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There shouldn't be any problem with 292dpi. The lines-per-inch is anyway

          normally well below half that, so you should be fine (unless this is

          some super-high quality cofee-table style production).

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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            All image resolution requirements that you may here are generally really guidelines. Assuming you are printing via either a PDF or PostScript workflow, all the images are resampled during the RIP's separation and halftoning process anyway. Don't sweat over the difference between 292dpi and 300dpi (although some under-educated prepress people may claim that the 292dpi is not good enough and refuse to print it.


                      - Dov