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      I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. The Mercury playback offers just zero advantage at time of rendering a timeline. I have the most powerful system than can be built with $10.000. Windows 2008 R2, Dual Nvidia 285 with SLI, Megaraid LSI with 4 3 TB SATA (Barracuda), and a Xeon X-5690 at 3.46. Ghz. Then I shot a 1 hour exact video with the New Ipad. Then I placed in a Timeline with settings matching the source. Then I applied for testing the Median Vodeo Effect, and rendered for a minute, both with Mercury and without, erasing the previews each time. It renders the same exact amout of frames. So, exactly, what is Mercury used for?

      Also, for the time it takes, several hours, to export a Youtube Wide 30 FPS movie (several hours), it seems that the Nvidias are not being used. 


      My computer is available for Adobe to look at it.


      By the way: Premiere is fulluy patched and also Windows is up to date. I run a benchmark and the computer scores off the charts in every item. So this issus is with Premiere.