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    Trying to open URLLink.acsm, get E_URLLINK_NO_DISTRIBUTION_RIGHTS, using ACS4 evaluation.



      - CentOS 6.2, MySQL 5.5, adept database


      - CentOS 6.2, Jboss 4.0.5, running fulfillment/packaging/admin .war applications; also running Apache with PHP for "Sample Store"


      - Created the Distributor per documentation

      - Installed the Sample Store, exported books/catalog .xml's and imported into the PHP Sample Store document directory.


      ACS4 Evalution installed, deployed Sample Store, configured Distributor, when trying to open URLLink.acsm getting E_URLLINK_NO_DISTRIBUTION_RIGHTS, any ideas?


      I can't figure out why every time I try to open any of the downloaded books, I'm getting the error above???


      Everything seems to be communicating correctly, I've looked in the Apache Logs, the fulfillment/packaging/admin .logs...