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    Need Help With Video In Flex Mobile

    leejk Level 1



      I have been searching quite a bit for information on this and have found really nothing useful for my problem. So far, I've converted the actionscript code posted here: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/osmf-media-player.html


      to work within my ios mobile project. The problem is that no matter what I have tried, I can hear the video but not see it. That codes uses the OSMF framework, which uses StageVideo I think, so I've tried setting the application background alpha to 0 as has been posted about; still no video though. The project is also set to use direct rendering. I've even tried some bare bones AS code to implement the StageVideo, as others have posted here, but still same thing. So can anyone either show me a working example or provide any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?